Takamatsu city in Kagawa prefecture is on Shikoku island. With a population of about 400,000, this city is the capital of Kagkagawa_02awa prefecture and the financial and economic center of Shikoku. The must-see place in Takamatsu is Ritsurin Garden. Spanning an area of 750,000 square meters, are various bridges over ponds, beautiful pine trees, footpaths and small hills which serve as excellent view points.



If the fancy strikes you, take a boat ride on the pond. The lord of the manor, hundreds of years ago, probably enjoyed doing so, too. From the water, you can see the garden from different angles.
As for local delicacies, you can try and early morning rice porridge breakfast. (7:00-10:00, reservation required) or in the winter season, the sweet red bean soup with mochi (a kind of sticky rice ball) at Higurashi-tei comes highly recommended. Higurashi-tei opens only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.